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Set up by experienced Educator Emma Hosie The Copper Academy Ltd is not only a Dfe Specialist Independent School in Holsworthy, Devon but has a passion for education and enrichment for all the SEND community or for those suffering with mental health disorders such as stress and anxiety. 

Direct demographic of learner

  • Adults with special educational needs and disabilities.
  • Adults with mental health difficulties due to anxiety, poverty, bereavement, loneliness, stress, or caring for others.
  • Adults who are unemployed or who would like to improve their working environment, career goals and social mobility.
  • Adults who would like to access vocational qualifications and workshops without the need for independent, lengthy and expensive travel to our mainstream colleges.
  • Children who have fallen out of mainstream school due to special educational needs and disabilities.
  • Children who have fallen out of mainstream school due to mental health needs such as anxiety, stress, bereavement, or the pressures of caring.
  • Children who are home educated and looking for social, vocational workshops/qualifications that improve language, literacy and maths whilst improving social mobility and chances of further education options.
  • Children who are home educated and through economical disadvantage are without options of vocational qualifications.

The Youth Programme: Qualifications for learners aged 14-18 with Social, emotional, mental health and disabilities. 

Priding itself on an alternative pupil centered vocational approach, rather than a mainstream generic system of GCSE’s, our full time students develop essential skills whilst gaining qualifications within Math’s and English, Hair and Beauty, Professions in animal care specializing in Equine, Creative Art and the study of  Employability and Leadership.

Our Youth programme is Ofsted registered and offers education in a nurturing environment for learners aged 14-18yrs with social, emotional, mental health and disabilities. Students will study qualifications from OCN London and  The Association of Beauty therapists, plus work experience within the local community, that will build the essential careers relationships required for employment.

Centred around the importance of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths), our chosen sectors play an incredibly important part in the local economy in Cornwall and Devon; and whilst some students are regaining the confidence to study within the classroom all students are building the steps to successful study or  employment when they graduate.

Qualifications available within the Youth Programme:

Hair and beauty:








Adult SEND programmes: Qualifications for adults aged 18-24 with Special educational needs, mental health and disabilities.

Due to the fact that this cohort of students has had limited access to workshops and qualifications that are free of charge yet differentiated to meet their needs within the local community, their social mobility and access to higher education is diminished in comparison with their mainstream counterparts.

Hair and beauty:



Education inclusion workshops:  Enrichment and socialization for children and adults whilst learning new skills.

Hair and Beauty



School Partnership programme:


Are you a school who have reluctant learners that need a boost and you cant get to us at the CA. Then next year we are going to pack up our car and come to you!


Education Support programme: Reading intervention.

The Copper Academy Charity recognises that there is a need for specialist support for reading, writing, and spelling. With the increasing number of EHE students there is a growing need for supportive intervention programmes that are specifically designed for the student’s needs.

The Intervention programme we provide is strongly rooted in reading and the importance of a fundamental life skill, and the understanding that handwriting and spelling are also paramount.

Mental Health Support: Face to face service with our qualified Nurse.

During the last 12 months 2951 children and young people in Devon were registered as home educated due to a lack of suitable education or due to lifestyle choice. This is 3.3 % of the school age population; with 774 of these children registered stating mental health as their primary reason for being home educated. At The Copper Academy we believe that by focusing on a child’s mental wellbeing and giving them the tools to empower themselves they can work on a successful education journey.

Access to mental health services in Torridge and North Cornwall is both lengthy and inadequate. The waiting list for children and adolescent mental health services being 1500 young people (as reported by Devon live), this means they can have a wait of up to 60 weeks for vital services.

Our proposal at the Copper Academy is to offer this vital service to our students, their families, and the wider community with face-to-face sessions in a fast responsive service.  If a young person is ready to learn then the learning outcomes have no top seal within the academy. We now can offer offer each learner within the academy a chance for this vital service.

Starting at a 6-week initial block of 45 minute sessions, our Mental health practitioner can offer medium/emergency counselling support, interim therapy whilst waiting for local NHS services or direct access to referrals to much needed healthcare.

Our senior leadership team and trustees work closely with the therapist to track progression and be a voice for referrals and administration for reports. These reports having a direct impact on EHCP data, school welfare officer statistics and a bridge to social care within the local



Meet the team

Emma Hosie

Academy owner, Team Lead and University level 5 Teaching Graduate, level 4 SEN specialist, Safeguarding officer,  Mago Master Trainer, Hair Extensionist and level 3 salon Hairdresser with over 25 years experience. Emma is both progressive and passionate about everything in education.



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Proprietor: Emma Hosie 

Contact address and number.

The Copper Academy
The Holsworthy Business and Training Centre
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EX22 6DH

Tel: 07779768661


Governors at The Copper Academy

Head Governor: Mrs Annie Little